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Doom 3

Before Starting:

  • Install Doom 3 to the default directory.
  • Install the 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 US patches.
  • If using a router, unblock port 27666.  See screenshot to right.

Getting Started:

After installing Doom 3, go to your desktop and double click on the Doom 3 shortcut.  After the intro cutscenes, click on "Multiplayer".  Next click on "Create Server".  On the next screen, you'll see a variety of options regarding your server.

Server Setup:

On the options screen, you'll see "Server Name" at the top.  Enter your desired server name into the field to the right of "Server Name".  Next, set the "Server Type" to internet, choose your gametype, and decided whether you want team damage on or not.  Then, set the fraglimit, timelimit, the maximum number of players that can play, and finally, choose whether or not your server is dedicated.  Dedicated meaning running 24/7.  If you don't choose dedicated, your server will run until you quit Doom3.  If you want to setup a server password or set some advanced options, just click on "Advanced Server Options".

After you have set your desired options, choose "Create Multiplayer Game Server".  If you chose to make your game dedicated, Doom 3 loads up the dedicated server console.  Your server is now running.  That was easy huh!?!?!


Command Use
say Displays a message in your server.
g_bloodEffects 1 Shows blood splats, sprays, and gibs.
g_doubleVision 1 Shows double vision when taking damage.

Complete List of Commands

Final Notes:

Remember to give Doom 3 full internet access through the firewall.

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