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No One Lives Forever 2

Before Starting:

  • Install NOLF 2 to default directory.
  • Make sure you have installed all NOLF 2 updates - shown to the left.
  • As of November 8, 2008, the master server has been shut down.  However, the livesforever mod fixes the issue and allows you to play multiplayer anytime.
  • If using a router, unblock port 27888 (the server's join port) and 27889 (the server's query port).  See screenshot to right.
  • Make sure you have a valid CD key.

Getting Started:

After installing all of the NOLF 2 updates, the first thing to do is to run the game.  Once you are on the main menu, select "Multiplayer (Internet)".  Next, choose the gametype you will be hosting.  Ex:  Cooperation.  After choosing a game mode, a new menu with options for that gametype will show up.  On this menu, choose "Host".

Server Setup:

For the next several steps, we will be choosing cooperation as our gametype.  If you are hosting another gametype, setting it up is extremely similar.

On the next screen, as shown in the screenshot, the only settings you have to worry about are "Session Name", "Campaign", and "Dedicated Server".

Click on "Campaign".  A window will pop up, as shown in screenshot, asking you to name your Campaign.  Any name will work; it doesn't matter.  On the next screen, you should see two boxes labeled ">Add" and "<Remove".  Under the remove box, all the possible chapters should be listed by default as shown in the screenshot.  Unless you want to remove a chapter, leave it set to the default.  Before hitting the OK arrow, make sure you set "Loop" to YES.  If you don't set the loop to yes, your server will crash after the last chapter.  After setting the loop to yes, hit the OK arrow to go back.

Now, click on "Session Name".  Enter the name of your new server.  Example:  OwN-3m-All's Server.  Click OK.

Note:  If you want to turn off friendly fire, click on "Options", and set "Friendly Fire" to off.

The final step before launching your server is to set the "Dedicated Server" option to Yes.

After all of your settings seem correct, click on "Launch".  The game closes and brings up a window that monitors the server.  If you close the window, your server will cease to run, so leave the window running 24/7.

Note:  The server will crash every once in a while because of Sierra's bad programming.  If your server crashes, restart your server by typing C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\ in Internet Explorer.  Next, double click on NOLF2SRV.exe.  The server starts without you having to repeat the above steps.

Congrats!  You are now running a NOLF 2 server.


Command Use
Say Displays a message in your server.
respawnscale 100 Makes weapons and items respawn instantly.
jumpspeed 2.0 Makes players jump high.
Thanks to Criminal Cola and [DIH]Ted for these commands!

Client Setup:

As of November 8, 2008, Sierra shut down the master server for No One Lives Forever 2 essentially disabling the multiplayer mode.  Fortunately, thanks to modders from UnityHQ, there's a fix.  Download the LivesForever mod.  To install this mod, extract the LivesForever folder to your NOLF 2 mods directory, by default C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods.  Now that you have moved the folder which includes the LivesForever.rez file into your NOLF 2's mods directory, launch the game, and instead of choosing "Play", click on "Custom".  Check the box next to the LivesForever mod, and make sure it has an X through it to indicate the mod has been activated.  Click next, and play the game!  After starting the game, exit the game.  Now download and install the Join By IP tool which allows you to find NOLF 2 servers.  Run the Scanner and click on the DM tab for Death Match server listings or go to DD for Doomsday server listings.  To join a server, double click on the server's name you wish to enter.  Once again, you can enjoy NOLF 2 as long as there are servers up and running.

Updated Info:  You should also download and install the updated LivesForeverPlus mod following the same directions listed above for the normal LivesForever mod.  As of 2010, some servers are now using the LivesForeverPlus mod.  It allows you to download server lists, query servers, and join servers in game acting much like it did before the master server shutdown.


The LivesForeverPlus mod (along with fixing multiplayer online) allows you to change the game's resolution to your monitor's native widescreen resolution by using the in-game display options.  You no longer have to edit config files manually.

Final Notes:

Running Single Player Maps Online:

If you'd like to setup a co-op NOLF 2 server that runs single player maps, the first thing to do is download NOLF 2 Tools.  After you download NOLF 2 Tools, run the exe, and when it asks if you'd like to unpack the game, make sure you click YES.  After the program is done unpacking the game, browse to your NOLF 2 directory.  By default, that would be C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\.  After going there, double click on the Game folder.  Now, double click on the ATTRIBUTES folder.  Here, rename COOPMISSIONS.txt to COOPMISSIONS-orig.txt.  Now download and extract this modified COOPMISSIONS.txt to your ATTRIBUTES folder.  It allows the server to run single player maps.  After you have extracted the new COOPMISSIONS.txt, go back to your NOLF 2 directory.

Double click on the Profiles folder.  Now, double click on the Player folder.  Here, double click on the Campaigns folder.  Open default_campaign.txt by double clicking.  If you do not have a default_campaign.txt, choose the file that matches the campaign name you created.  Once you have opened your default campaign text file, you should see the text file end with Mission5=5.  Create a new line under Mission5=5, and add Mission6=6.  Then, create a new line under Mission6=6, and add Mission7=7.  Keep doing this until you have Mission14=14 on the last line.  Delete Mission3=3 through Mission5=5.  These missions crash.  Now, go to file and save.  You're default_campaign.txt should basically look like this.

After you have edited your default_campaign.txt and have extracted the new COOPMISSIONS.txt to your ATTRIBUTES folder, go back to your NOLF 2 main directory.  Run NOLF2Srv.exe.  Congrats!  You are now running single player maps online in co-op mode.

Server Crashes:

If your server crashes and you restart the server, your server may show up with a ping of 65999.  This is another NOLF programming fault, and the only way to resolve the problem is to restart the whole server machine.

NOLF Revival:

Don't forget to let your friends know about the No One Lives Forever revival!  Download modern versions of both games which include all of the community and official patches, working multi-player, widescreen support, and more out-of-the-box.

Check out NOLF Revival today.

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