Unblocking Ports

Getting Started:

In order to unblock ports, the first thing to do is connect up the router's main IP, which should normally be  This can be achieved by loading Internet Explorer and typing in the address bar.

A window should pop up asking for a username and password.  Hopefully, you remember them, so insert them.  Default login and password are admin and admin.

For the next several steps, we will be using a LinkSys router.  If you have another brand of router, the setup should be similar.

Now that the page has loaded up, find the "Applications and Gaming" tab, and click on it.  On the following screen, enter the port number you need unblocked into the "Start" column, enter that same port number in the "End" column, select both under the "Protocol" column, enter your machine's IP address at the end of 192.168.1., and check the "Enable" box.

If you don't know your machine's IP, the easiest way to find out is to use the TeamSpeak server.

Next, scroll all the way down and choose "Save Changes".  Logout, and close the browser window.

Congrats!  Your ports have now been unblocked.



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Unblocking Ports